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 About Us

Welcome to Ridgeroll Farms, a family farm located east of Buffalo, MN. For 40 years the farm has been home to our herd of purebred Simmental beef cattle. While minimizing environmental impact, our sustainable farming and animal husbandry practices provide optimal conditions for healthy and non-stressed animals which translates into premium quality natural beef. Our animals have unrestricted access to fresh air and fresh water at all times; they never receive growth promoting implants and and our home grown, non-GMO feed contains no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics or animal byproducts.

In a time when the importance of local food production has come to the fore we feel privileged to be able to partner directly with the consumer. You may purchase our beef in bulk for your home freezer, at a local market or enjoy it at a local restaurant. No matter the means our beef has never traveled more than 35 miles from our farm.


In addition to our meat products we offer organically raised Heirloom tomatoes from July through September. Crop rotation, soil amendment with rich organic compost and companion planting work together to help suppress weeds, pathogens and insect pests without the use of chemicals. Healthy soil is the foundation of our sustainable garden and nurturing the soil is the basis of producing the most nutritious, flavorful and fresh heirloom tomatoes. Their uniqueness, diversity and flavors are unmatched by any ordinary red tomato. They are simply delicious.


We invite you to share in our wholesome bounty. Get to know us as your farmer. Get to know your food!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Jerome and Julie Vergin